Local activist group Waynepeace brings its series of public discussions into the New Year with a presentation entitled “Just Lie Back and Enjoy It: The Wonderful Benefits of American Plutocracy” featuring fictional CEO T. Bigglesworth Bellows, at 5 PM on Tuesday January 4, 2011, at the Wayne County Public Library on Main Street in Honesdale.

Mr. Bellows (a creation of actor, writer, and Waynepeace co-founder Skip Mendler of Honesdale) is CEO and Chairman of the Board of Bellows Industries Worldwide International, the planet’s largest manufacturer of hot-air hand dryers, blast furnaces, car cigarette lighters, and flame throwers. (As the company slogan goes, “Where there’s hot air, you’ll find a Bellows.”) A proud member of the Billionaires for Wealthcare, he is an unapologetic advocate for plutocracy (government by the wealthy).  In fact, Bellows maintains, the US has been a plutocracy for years, and “it’s high time we quit pretending otherwise.”

In his presentation, Mr. Bellows will discuss the ramifications of the Supreme Court’s recent “Citizens United” decision, which led to an unprecedented amount of anonymous campaign donations being raised during the 2010 election cycle.  He will cavalierly dismiss as “pish-posh” the silly objections raised by democracy activists that such levels of spending skew the political process, and lead to policies that favor the wealthy at the expense of ordinary citizens.  He will also gleefully recount recent events, such as the unsuccessful struggle to rescind the so-called “Bush tax breaks,” and make the case for Reaganesque “trickle-down economics” – which he describes as “the perfectly common-sense proposition that when your feet stink, the thing to do is wash your hair.”

The public is invited to attend this surprisingly free presentation.    Refreshments will even be served, but seating will be limited.

Please note: Use of Wayne County Public Library facilities by Waynepeace does not constitute an endorsement of Waynepeace policies or positions by WCPL.