Unity  – without Conformity.
Diversity – without Divisiveness.

We all want a peaceful, safe, just, and healthy world for ourselves, our children and our children’s children. Waynepeace will reach across political lines and personal differences to work on these interconnected issues:

Peace – Waynepeace seeks non-violent solutions to all conflict – international, national, local, and personal. We call for an end to conflicts throughout the world, particularly in Iraq and Afghanistan. We call for immediate plans to bring our troops home safely. We work toward economic justice as a basic prerequisite for peace.

Support for Our Troops – We believe that continuing to send troops to unjust wars, begun under false pretenses, with no exit strategy and unconscionable damage to civilian lives is dishonorable and possibly illegal.  We believe that the government officials responsible for these acts should be held accountable, and face investigations into their actions.  

We support our troops by holding our government responsible for its promises to the veterans of these wars, for the services they need and the support they deserve for the sacrifices they have made. We support education for all draft-age adults, so that they can make informed choices about national service. We support expanding other forms of national service for young people.

Democracy – Waynepeace works to counter two serious threats to our democracy: media consolidation and manipulation, and election corruption.

  1. Media reform: People need reliable information to be good citizens in a functioning democracy. News is compromised by concentrated corporate control of the media and by a political culture that withholds and obscures information. Waynepeace holds educational events to provide alternatives to mainstream news information.
  2. Election reform: Money corrupts our politicians, and electronic voting threatens our right to have our votes count. Waynepeace supports amending the Constitution to specify that corporations are not “persons,” and ending the corrupting influence these institutions have over our political and economic life.  Waynepeace supports verifiable voting methods.

Sustainability – Waynepeace recognizes the connections between unsustainable energy policies, environmental degradation, huge inequities in the distribution of wealth, profit-driven health care, and senseless deregulation of commerce.  We promote living within our means, taking good care of the weakest among us, and being careful stewards of our world, for ourselves and all life to come. Waynepeace supports effective political action and education to bring the concept of sustainability to the public.