A few short months ago, coming seemingly out of nowhere, the “Occupy” movement seized not only headlines but also the imaginations of progressive activists around the world. Demonstrations and encampments sprang up in cities and towns around the world, demanding fundamental structural changes in economic and political institutions. Predictably, many governments responded with harsh and repressive measures, shutting down most urban camps and passing strict laws restricting future protests.  Some commentators have been eager to write Occupy’s obituary – but is the movement really finished, or is it actually just beginning?  Waynepeace co-founder Skip Mendler will discuss the status and future of the Occupy movement on Tuesday, April 3, at the Wayne County Public Library on North Main Street in Honesdale, beginning at 5 PM, in a presentation called “Occupy: Round Two.”


Following the presentation will be a planning session for a follow-up to last fall’s successful “Occupy Honesdale” action.  All interested area residents, including private investigators and government officials, are invited to attend.  Refreshments will be served.  The use of Wayne County Public Library facilities by Waynepeace does not represent an endorsement by WCPL of Waynepeace’s policies or activities.  For more information, call 570-251-3637.